Manage Glucose Levels: CGM Monitors by Artik Med

CGM Monitors

CGM monitors are essential devices for people requiring blood glucose monitoring to manage Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. The device uses a sensor that’s placed under the skin to provide continuous glucose level measurement 24 hours a day. They come with a transmitter that sends your glucose level to a wearable device or your mobile phone.

It’s a convenient method for monitoring your blood sugar that doesn’t require as many finger pricks as conventional monitoring does.

The CGM Monitors we carry at Artik Medical Supply provides the following benefits:

  • Painless scanning
  • User-friendly system
  • Customized alarms
  • Real-time management
  • Glucose forecasting.

Most insurance providers cover CGM monitors, so if you’re tired of having to prick your finger all the time, Artik Medical Supply is here for you.

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Freestyle Libre 2 CGM monitor.

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